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Catering To Go Menu 
  Delicious dishes can be prepared for you delivered, and re-heat in your own home. Our a la carte menu items are below.

  Order must be placed 48 hours in advance and must be secured on a credit card. Please contact us for details or to place your next order.
Beef a la Bourguignon
a classic French stew of hand-trimmed beef marinated in burgundy wine garnished with caramelized pearl onions and browned mushrooms
Price: $12.00 per person
Beef Noodle Casserole
The ultimate in comfort food - Ground beef, noodles, onions and tomatoes browned and then baked until crusty
Price: $11.00 per person
Beef Stew with Beer and Onions
an American version of a classic French dish – layers of caramelized onions and tender beef in a brown sauce flavored with dark beer
Price: $11.00 per person
Braised Beef Short Ribs
seared and then braised in red wine until falling off the bone, served with mashed potatoes
Price: $16.00 per person
Candied Corned Beef and Cabbage
traditional boiled beef finished with a rich mustard glaze and served with slow-simmered vegetables and smothered cabbage
Price: $13.00 per person
Chili con Carne
ground beef, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and kidney beans seasoned with Mexican spices and slow simmered
Price: $9.00 per person
Mexican Skirt Steak
tender grilled skirt steak flavored with roasted garlic, cumin and cilantro
Price: $11.00 per person
Old-Fashioned Chuck Wagon Beef Stew
tender hand-trimmed beef and vegetables braised in stock and served with cheddar-smashed potatoes
Price: $12.00 per person
Pot Roast
hand-trimmed beef braised with carrots and potatoes served with rich gravy flavored with red wine
Price: $16.00 Per Person
Smoked Cheddar-Jalapeno Ranch Meatloaf
ground sirloin and pork mixed with jalapenos, onions, and bacon, flavored with southwestern spices and smoked cheddar
Price: $11.00 per person
Smothered Garlic Meatballs
rich and hearty meatballs flavored with garlic and onion, simmered in onion gravy
Price: $9.00 per person